My name is Abby and I am the woman behind Havenside Bath + Body! Back in 2018, my fiance and I made commitment to reduce our waste and slowly transition into a more natural, sustainable lifestyle. One of the first areas we tackled was our bathroom products.... all the plastic bottles for body wash, hand soap, shampoo and conditioner. We found an eco-friendly alternative— handmade soap bars! Not only are soap bars more sustainable but they are made with ingredients I can actually pronounce, without any harsh chemicals and toxins typically found in bath products. I was surprised by the drastic difference in the quality of ingredients between commercial vs natural products.  
I did extensive research and studied various natural ingredients and their benefits. Initially, I made soap for our own personal use and but once I was happy with my own formulas, I started to give it away to friends and family. I became very passionate about sustainability and a toxic-free lifestyle as I shared my experience. Eventually I transitioned into other body products with natural ingredients such as lip balms, clay masks, bath bombs, lotion bars, etc.
It was my fiancé who saw my devotion and pushed me to put my Babson degree to work to share my knowledge for others live a more eco-friendly lifestyle without chemicals and toxins. I have put so much time and effort into this new venture from finalizing recipes to testing to sourcing eco-friendly supplies. I hope you enjoy using these handmade products as much as I enjoyed making them! 
Currently, I live in Austin, Texas with my fiance Austin and our 4-year old sulcata tortoise Pancho! When I am not in the studio making these amazing bath and body goodies, you can find me in the kitchen, exploring the outdoors or in Dallas visiting my big Mexican family.


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