As an environmentally conscious company, I am focused on providing eco-friendly options to avoid single-use plastics. Your order was carefully packaged using the eco-friendly materials in our ongoing efforts to put sustainability first. These materials are made from post-consumer recycled content that is 100% curbside recyclable such as:

  • corrugated boxes and mailers
  • crinkled packing paper
  • biodegradable packing peanuts
  • water-activated tape (gummed tape) 
  • zero waste labels 

Psssst, you helped plant a tree!

In an effort to neutralize the shipping emissions, we partnered with Tree Era and their 1:Tree Program.
What does this mean?
As an online business, most of the orders are shipped outside the Austin area, creating carbon emissions. To balance out these emissions, we donate to Tree Era to plant 1 tree per 1 order!
How much of a difference can one tree make?
Each tree planted has the ability to sequester 185 lbs of CO2 per year! Learn more about where the trees are planted here.

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