Clean Ingredients

I am committed to using 100% clean, naturally derived ingredients. This means we will never use artificial colorants or fragrance oils with harsh chemicals. Each product is carefully developed by mixing natural plants, herbs and clays with high quality essentials oils from reputable suppliers within the bath and body industry. All products are formulated with safe usage rates and carefully tested and retested before introducing it to the market.

Made with Purpose

My goal is to use ingredients with a purpose, ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. When using these products, you can be sure each ingredient has been used for a specific purpose. With full transparency, I list the entire ingredient list under the product listings. If you have known allergy to any ingredient please avoid or use with caution. If you have any questions regarding the ingredient, please send me an email at Read more about my philosophy below: 

 What I Do What I DO NOT Do
All of my products are handcrafted with: None of my products contain:

♥ Nourishing and moisturizing oils + butters

♥ Natural colors using plants, botanicals + clays
♥ High-quality essential oil blends

X Artificial colorants
X Fragrance
X Parabens
X Sulfates
X Phthalates
X Triclosan
X Propylene glycol
X Petroleum


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